Event Medic Certification

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The American Association of Event Medicine is an organization responsible for the administration and development of specialty certification exams for event medical professionals. The mission of the American Association of Event Medicine is to improve quality of care in all aspects of specialty event medical care across a wide variety of applications by providing continuing education and certification exams that are an objective, fair, and honest validation of specialty knowledge to pre-hospital providers and physicians who provide event medical services.

Upon course completion, users will receive:

- "Certified Event Medic" Patch (Iron-On)

- "Certified Event Medic" Certificate

- "Certified Event Medic" LinkedIn Certification

Once course has been completed, candidates must submit an application via http://www.eventmedicine.org/application

Event Medic Certification includes these courses

Molly Gone Bad: Chronicles of Adverse Effects of MDMA
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#UsToo: Medicine's Role to Play in Preventing Sexual Assaults
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Confounding On-the-Ground Compounds: The Challenges of Chemical Attacks by Terrorists
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Five Things a Pharmacist Wishes You Knew About Event Medicine
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Weather Information for Event Medical Providers
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Alive and Well: An Overview of Medical Services at Live Events
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