American Academy of Event Medicine

Event Medic Certification

Connor Fitzpatrick

Event Medic Certification - Final Exam

This is the final exam as required for the Certified Event Medic Program. You must score a 75% to pass.

Matt Friedman, MD FACEP

Bouncing Back from Death: Effective Methods to Reduce Risk at Festivals

Andrew Bazos MD

Sticks, Bats, and Broken Bones

Orthopedic Injuries at Live Events

Juliana Zschoche, PharmD BCPS

Five Things a Pharmacist Wishes You Knew About Event Medicine

Asa Margolis, DO MPH MS

Confounding On-the-Ground Compounds: The Challenges of Chemical Attacks by Terrorists

Caitlin V Neal

#UsToo: Medicine's Role to Play in Preventing Sexual Assaults